2 categories of people

There are 2 categories of people, people who like to be photographed and those who do not like it..Today we will talk about those people who do not like to be photographed.Why?As a rule, 70% of this category of people are panicking afraid of the camera, or rather afraid to get on the pictures are not very photogenic, some customers warn us in advance by phone they are not beautiful, fat, no hair, etc. there are No ugly people, believe me!For our many years of experience we have made a lot of amazing pictures with those people who considered themselves ugly!What is the secret of these photo shoots?Careful preparation of clients for photo shoots!Our team consists of makeup artists, stylists and of course-the work of the photographer!A very important factor is the mood of the client!When a client comes to a photo shoot in a bad mood, it is the most difficult job for a photographer, makeup artist, stylist.Do you think the pictures can turn out good?Of course, the pictures are not very good!We can’t force a client to do anything against his will., we have no right, therefore we have had cases where such photo shoot I was saving for other dates!And they again to come back to us with a great mood!Psychological preparation is also one of the important aspects of successful photographs.We always maintain a friendly mood on the set with our customers so that the photo session will be a pleasure for them!As a result, when these people see themselves as beautiful in photos, they are immensely grateful to our patience, advice and endurance!We watched a lot of people, when customers after our photo sessions changed their lives!Someone found the second half, someone in the business increased sales, and there are many examples.Photography can change a lot!The photo has become a calling card!

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